Winock Energy | How it Works
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Join investment community

1. Join investment community

Register through our website to join our private investment community.

Invest in Solar

2. Invest in a project

Invest £50 or more in a Solar project through our online investment platform.

solar System Lease

3. Solar is leased to customer

Your investment goes towards providing electricity to customers in West Africa and reducing global carbon emission.

return on investment

4. Earn 10% return per annum

Your interest will be paid in quarterly tranches into your online account. You can withdraw or re-invest your interest in a project.

Invest in Solar

5. Your capital is returned after 3 years

Your capital is paid into your online account after year 3. You can withdraw or re-invest your capital in a project.

child Education

6. A child is educated

Investments of £1,000 or more help to sponsor a child’s primary and secondary school education.