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Frequently Asked Questions

An investment club is a group of people who get together to pool their resources to make investments. Investment club members receive equal information about an investment opportunity-in Winock Energy’s case, Off-grid Solar projects in West Africa-and co-invest in the opportunity.
Only UK residents who fall into one of the following categories can join the club: * Restricted Investor (you agree to invest no more than 10% of your net assets in investments that cannot be easily sold) * Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor (made more than one investment in an unlisted company in the last 2 years) * High Net Worth Individual (income > £100,000 or net assets > £250,000)
More than 90% of the 600 million people living without access to electricity in Sub-Sahara Africa are not connected to their national electric grid and are located in distances that will not have the grids extended anytime soon. Off-grid solutions are key for these subset of people to be able to come out of energy poverty.
Winock Energy has a subsidiary company in Nigeria that is appointed to manage customers on behalf of the investment community. Winock Energy LTD. is the Investment community whilst Winock Solar Nigeria Ltd. is the operations team. There is a strong corporate governance process in place to ensure control and transparency.
* Winock Energy’s investments are co-investments in Solar projects * The minimum investment per project is £500 * The minimum investment term is 3 years. Your capital is locked for this period and will be paid into your online investment account at the end of the 3 year investment term * Your investment will earn 10% per annum fixed interest which will be paid quarterly into your online investment account, except for your first interest which will be paid 6 months from the dated you invested.
There are no fees charged to you by Winock Energy for any activity.
All investments carry risk therefore do not invest more than you can risk. Although we have taken reasonable measures to protect your investment. We cannot guarantee that any of the risks stated below will not occur: * The systems are leased to customers and the returns are realised over a period of time. Although conduct due diligence to confirm that the customer can afford payments, there is a risk of default from unexpected circumstances. * The systems have to be shipped from one location to another and although the shipping company has insurance, we cannot influence the insurance company’s decision to pay out. * The Solar panels are installed on an open roof. We use anti-theft screws to reduce the risk of theft, however although the screws may it extremely difficult to steal, we cannot guarantee that the panels or other components cannot be stolen
* We will deposit 10% of the monthly revenue generated from the project into an escrow account against default and other contingencies. In the event of a default or the loss of an asset tied to your investment, a portion or all or your investment can be recovered from the escrow agent. * Solar components have a finite lifespan therefore stock has to be replaced periodically. We make provisions for depreciation by reserving funds into our depreciation account.
Yes. Repayments will be available in your online account where you can re-invest it in a project.
We use For more information, please visit:
Yes. Please see HMRC’s guide here for information on taxes on investment:

No investment can be 100% risk free and although Winock Energy has taken steps to reduce risk, your return is not guaranteed. Your investment is not under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Please read about the risks in detail before joining the community or investing. Read more