Winock Energy | Off Grid Solar System | Solar Energy in West Africa
Our team consists of highly experienced solar professionals that are skilled in an Off-grid Solar system. Our mission is to supply solar energy in West Africa to 1 million customers.
off grid solar system, solar energy in West Africa
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Date: 28th September 2018 Time: 3PM – 3:30PM UK Time

About Winock Energy

Winock Energy supplies clean, safe and affordable off-grid solar electricity to customers in Sub-Sahara Africa to improve their social, environmental and economic wellbeing.

Our operations team consists of highly experienced solar professionals that are skilled in the entire value chain of the solar industry, thereby ensuring that our projects are expertly implemented and managed and strong focus financial discipline and operational excellence ensures that the operations team are properly monitored.

Our mission is to ensure clean energy is available to all.

Social Impact

Invest in Solar

30% savings on electricity

Our customers save minimum 30% on their electricity cost, which goes towards improving their livelihood.

Cutting carbon emission

Winock Energy is curbing up to 1500g of CO2 per kwh per customer by replacing petrol generators with clean off-grid solar systems.

Reducing noise pollution

A 2kva generator produces up to 100 decibels noise, Winock Energy’s solar systems do not produce noise.

Our Current Project

25% Match Funded

36 months to mature

5% interest

Your investment will help BBOXX to install 1,080 Solar Home Systems in Democratic Rebublic of Congo

500 Off-grid Solar Systems in Kubwa

Days Left
  • Minimum Investment: £50
  • Minimum Term: 3 Years
  • Interest Rate: 10% per annum, paid quarterly
  • Investment Protection: 10% of project income reserved for contingencies
  • People with Electricity: 10,000
  • CO2 Avoided: 11500 Metric Tons
  • Children Educated: 10
Target: £500,0000%

We are spreading happiness with light in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mal Ismail Abubakar, Tailor

Mal Ismail Abubakar, Tailor

I sow male and female clothes in Kubwa market, Nigeria. The speed and stability of my business relies heavily on electricity. Whenever the price of petrol goes up, my business becomes expensive to run and sometimes i close up. Now that I have Solar energy in Nigeria from Winock, my business has been running smoothly and my customers are very happy because i deliver on time.

Ibrahim Haske, Retailer

Ibrahim Haske, Retailer

I sell clothes, accessories and shoes. I need electricity to work late into the night so that customers can see the clothes properly. My shop is not connected to the grid and I used to rely on Kerosene Lantern. Because i now have constant electricity thanks to Solar, my customers come in till very late and I now make more money. My business is doing well.

Saidu Ismaila, Building tools supplier

Saidu Ismaila, Building tools supplier

I sell building materials and tools to carpenters, bricklayers and other types of builders. I have to demonstrate samples to customers in order to show them that my quality is good. I used to spend a lot of money on generator but now I use Winock Solar my cost have reduced a lot. I want to thank Winock for the great service.

Match Funded Projects

All starred projects benefit from match funding from one of our partner organisations.